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Mark & Oldest Son, Matthew sing

Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff talks at End of Service Ceremony

Minnesota Vikings Honor

Hometown Hero

Minn. Family Builds Elaborate

Snow Fort


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The View (ABC) – June 2013

Mark Weber talks about "Tell My Sons," what inspired him to write it, and how no one should ever give up fighting for a full life. Matt, Joshua, and Noah share their thoughts on the book as well.

[Partial Interview only, full clip to come] - 06/05/13


The Mission Continues—June 2013

Click here for a video of Mark addressing The 2012 Charlie Class at The Mission Continues. - 06/14/2013


KSTP 5 Eyewitness— ABC News—March 2013

Click here for video interview with Mark on being able to laugh in spite of several misdiagnoses and on energizing people through his tragedy.

Original interview 3/3/2013, updated 06/13/2013.


CBS Minnesota – June 2013
Live interview of Mark shortly following Memorial day discussing the book, the meaning of sacrifice and thankfulness, family life and military life. 6/02/13


"Twin Cities Live" (ABC) - May 2013 - Tell My Sons Live interview of Mark in studio on the news regarding Random House’s purchase of “Tell My Sons,” as well as some discussion about the contents.


"Twin Cities Live" (ABC) - January 2013 - Tell My Sons Video essay on Mark, and the creation and publication of the book “Tell My Sons.”


CNN Headline News (National Cable):  General Petraeus to CNN: Dying soldier is 'an inspiration'

Mark, Kristin, and the boys are interviewed on national cable television’s “Raising America” with Kyra Phillips.  Mark answers why he stays so busy despite a terminal diagnosis.  Oldest son Matthew describes what his dad is teaching him.  Kristin describes her husband as “driven.”  Retired General and former CIA Director David Petraeus calls into the show and explains how the book has inspired him.  2/18/2013


KARE 11 (NBC) Saturday Morning  Book interview.   Mark talks about how he’s feeling, what his wife and kids are going through as they fight this battle, and a little bit about his life in the Army. 12/17/2012


WCCO (CBS) Story - Dying Soldier Writes Books to his 3 Sons WCCO story on Tell My Sons.  Focuses on the background of the book and Mark’s attitude on life. 11/14/2012


US Military’s Top General, General Martin Dempsey, flies to Minnesota to
honor the Webers - August 16, 2012


General Dempsey Speaks about Mark Weber at Ceremony

The US’s highest ranking military officer provides a ten-minute living eulogy of Mark that captures the essence of how and why Mark has been able to make such an impact on himself and so many other people.


Mark Provides Remarks at Retirement Ceremony

Lt Col Mark Weber bids an emotional farewell, speaks a little Kurdish, and spends most of his time paying tribute to his wife, Kristin, and the life of an Army spouse.


Channel 9 FOX News:  Guardsman Honored After 23 Years of Service  Captures two incredibly impactful quotes from General Dempsey about Mark's impact on him. And also focuses on what Mark intends to do with what has happened to him (i.e. it's not a eulogy; it's a call to action!)


Channel 11 NBC News: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Honors Local Lieutenant Colonel, Mark Weber

A more personal story about the meaning of the ceremony, the personal connection with GEN Dempsey, and a snipit of Mark trying not to break apart in his comments about Kristin.  Covered by Jana Shortal, the same reporter who covered Mark’s speech at the Army Birthday.


Channel 4 CBS News: Minnesota Army Officer Fighting Cancer Honored by Joint Chiefs Chairman 

CBS Story, Retirement.  Captures a full quote and my personal focus for the night -  to honor Kristin.  Also reflects some of the remarks I made in Kurdish, and a remark from GEN Dempsey about something I’ve taught him that choked him up a little.


Lt Col Mark Weber Speaks at Army Birthday then Sings with Oldest Son, Matthew

June 14, 2012


Lt. Col. Mark Weber Delivers Army's 237th Birthday Speech

Just two weeks before this speech, Mark’s second chemo trial failed, the cancer had more than doubled in size within his liver, and he was put on full-medical leave from the Army.  This speech was his last official duty.


Lt. Col. Mark Weber and Matthew Weber Sing "Tell My Father"

Searching for a way to connect with his son, Matthew, and knowing that music was the best way to do that, Mark asked Matthew would sing a duet of the song that Matthew had sung to him just one year prior.  Matthew not only agreed; he was flattered.  "I was kind of surprised he asked me (to sing),” Matthew said.  “I figured he was just going to give another speech. I didn't think he could sing, at least not for me.”


KARE 11 NBC News:  Minnesota Decorated War Veterans Celebrates Bittersweet Fathers Day

Reporter Jana Shortal sat down with Mark and his whole family to discuss life in the Army, in combat, and with cancer, and produced this incredibly tearful story.


Mark and Matthew with the FOX Weekend morning show hosts.  Pictured are Noah’s stuffed kitties, Grayone and Orange Kitty, which Matthew brought along to show he was thinking of his brothers back home.


FOX Cable News (National):  Soldiers Words of Wisdom

Soldier-father and son singing a song together about a dying civil war soldier, on Father’s Day, caught the attention of national news media, and they were both flown out to FOX studios in New York City to be interviewed.





‘What I’ll Hope You Remember’—Parade—June 2013

Click here for the cover story for Parade with a featured excerpt from “Tell My Sons”.  06/14/2013


StarTribune Local—June 2013

An article about Tell My Sons and Mark’s thoughts on being an inspiration to others. - 06/14/2013


MINN Post—June 2013

An article recalling Mark’s legacy including his father and son duet at Rosemont High School. - 06/14/13


KARE 11—NBC local—June 2013

A brief article on Mark’s battle with cancer and death.



The Daily Circuit—MPR News—June 2013

Click here for a radio interview with Mark in his garden with host, Tom Weber. He discusses the limits of hope and maintaining a sense of humor as he nears death. - 06/07/13


The Mitch Albom Show – June 2013

Click here to listen to a radio conversation between Mark and Mitch Albom, author of “Tuesdays With Morrie,” who endorsed “Tell My Sons.”  Mark discusses the book, his family, career, and prognosis.  Mark is invited back at the end of July for another interview. 06/04/13


A Blueprint for Fatherhood–The Roanoke Times–June 2013

An article about Mark’s inspiration for writing the book and his understanding of parenthood.


Books to Consider for Father's Day – KnoxNews – June 2013

A list of featured books to buy for Father’s Day, including “Tell My Sons.”


Minnesota Public Radio News - May 2013

Click here to listen to a speech that Mark gave on Memorial Day at Fort Snelling. He discusses the meaning of citizenship. 05/27/13


Words To Live By—NY Post—May 2013

A brief article about Mark’s life with excerpted advice from Tell My Sons. - 05/26/2013


KFAN Power Trip 100.3 FM Interview

Discusses trip to Iraq, latest health, new book deal, and his Address to the Graduating Class at West Point


KFAN 100.3 Sports Radio:  Interview #2 with Lt Col Mark Weber - Listener Favorite


MPR’s “All Things Considered” w/ Tom Crann:  Tell My Sons Inspires 1/30/2013


KFAN 100.3 FM Sports Talk

(Radio Podcast) KFAN Radio Podcast - 1/3/2013


Mitch Albom Interview

Mitch Albom, best selling author of Tuesdays with Morrie, interviews Mark for his radio talk show in Detroit. 1/1/2013


For Writers -- and Men-- This Is What Collaboration Looks Like

(Huffington Post)  Columnist David Murray shares what it was like to collaborate with Mark on writing the book, and explains how the process moved and changed him in big ways. 12/6/2012


Army Officer Proves Mission POSSIBLE

(News Article)  Mark is questioned on journaling, how he talks to his kids, and provides some perspective on what others may consider when doing the same. 12/11/2012


National Public Radio Interview "The Story"- with Mark and Kristin  NPR interview. 12/3/2012


Atlantic Monthly (Online) - How to Admire Leaders without Thinking They're Infallible  (Mark Weber and General Petraeus) Atlantic  11/21/2012


Lt Col Mark Weber Speaks About Former Boss - GEN Petraeus

MINNPOST article by Joe Kimball. 11/17/12


Minneapolis Star Tribune: Minnesota Soldier Honored by a Friend - the Joint Chiefs Chairman 

Minneapolis Star Tribune article, with audio and video during and after the event, but with far greater focus on my relationship with GEN Dempsey and GEN Babakir Zibari in Iraq.


St Paul Pioneers Press: "Mark Weber Saluted By Top Brass in Rosemount"

Captures photos, audio, and video of a much more extended snipit from both Mark and GEN Dempsey, as well as coverage of GEN Vessey's presence at a private gathering before the ceremony.


Minneapolis Star Tribune: A Soldier and Father Prepares for the Final Battle in his Last War


St Paul Pioneer Press:  Dying Minnesota Guardsman Says Goodbye

This article covers the Army birthday speech Mark gave at the Minnesota Historical Center – his last official task in the Army.

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