Avoiding Panic When the Home Alarm Goes Off

It happens. The unthinkable scenario where you and your family are placed at risk. It’s late at night and you are peacefully asleep when your alarm system triggers and makes the loudest chirping sound out there. Panic rushes in, your phone starts ringing from the monitoring station and you are unsure whether it’s a false alarm or there really is a burglar in the house. Here are a few tips to avoid the immediate panic you may feel.

Have a Back Up Plan in Place

The reason you got an alarm is to warn you right? They are not a guarantee that bad guys won’t try to break in your house. With that being said, you should have a back up plan in place. First of all, know the crime statistics in your neighborhood and state. Knowing what is around you can give you peace of mind or make you want to possibly move.

home alarm

Second, have a security device you are comfortable with using. If there is someone in your home you won’t have long to act. You need quick access to a knife, gun(s) or whatever it may be. Remember, your family and you are on the line and it is no time to downplay it. Over 80% of home invasions that happen during the night are armed and ready to fight it out.

Lastly, have a security camera in place. You can always research companies like Comcast home security reviews to find the latest prices and what their cameras can do. By having one in place, you will record what happens which you can use in prosecuting the victim and using it to defend yourself if physical self-defense is used during that time.

The Final Words…

Do your best not to panic in this situation. Although it’s unlikely it ever happens, panicking can lead to a bigger disaster. Have a backup plan in place with the correct defense weapons and know how to use them. If the alarm goes off and you get a call from your monitoring company, make sure they alert the local police immediately to come and announce the home clear of any suspects.

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How Would You Sell Your House Quickly?

My friend was having troubles with selling her house and she told me a couple of things I will keep in mind. Why? Because if you have to move, all of a sudden, you won’t have enough time to pack properly, let alone sell your house under the terms you want.

If you’re wondering why was she so desperate to sell her property, it was because the company she works with closed her position in San Francisco and moved her to San Diego. This happened overnight, almost, and she didn’t have time to do anything with her house. You know, things like cleaning, fixing a few things in and around her property, figuring out what the market is like, set the right price, etc.

She solved her problem by contacting a San Francisco home buyer so it was all good. But I was thinking, what if this happened to me? How could I sell my home quickly if I had to move all of a sudden. Maybe even to some other country? It would be hard or almost impossible to do everything properly.
sell her house
So I figured this is what I would do:

  • Hire a cleaning company to do all they can within one day.
  • Call a real estate agent and let him set the price according to the market
  • Arrange an open house and get as many buyers as possible
  • Conduct an auction of my property and sell the house to the maximum bidder

I think this could be done, with the right real estate agent and with a bit of a promotion. You know, placing an ad at the local newspapers and some websites. This, together with the help of an agent who will certainly have his ways of attracting buyers, will help me get a decent amount of people who would be interested to make a purchase. And if the price is just a bit lower, with emphasis of Urgent, I believe that it would sell quickly. What do you think? What would you do?

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Tasty And Sweet – Cherrydale Farms Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Cookie dough fundraisers have been and still are one of the most popular fundraisers. And this is simply because they offer great value, the participants enjoy the entire process and buyers are happy to help and get something great in return.

Schools, charities, churches and many other organizations often use this fundraiser as it is easy to manage them. Sometimes the community gathers to prepare the cookie dough, which ensures great profits but this is a labor intensive option. It’s easier to focus on the selling only and this is why Cherrydale farms cookie dough fundraiser is one of the most popular options today. They carry fantastic cookie dough options and have brochures that greatly help with the selling.
Cherrydale Farms Cookie Dough Fundraiser
With exclusive flavors and pre-portioned cookie dough, it will be hard for buyers to resist buying a box or two. Trusted brand names (David’s Cookies and Otis Spunkmeyer) guarantee high quality and unforgettable taste. And since promotional materials are free and there are no upfront costs, it’s easy to work with Cherrydale cookie dough fundraiser.

Besides being a popular fundraiser, cookie dough is also fun! Kids who enter this program learn a lot about the real world. Not only do they learn about business and sales, they learn how to talk to people, socialize, stay active, build their character and learn new skills. If you ever thought about starting this fundraiser, you should check out Cherrydale farms cookie dough fundraiser. You will find that they have a lot of options and tools to offer so you can make use of them all and gather a lot of money.

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Recovering From A Shoulder Surgery – It Ain’t Easy

I recently had to have a shoulder replacement surgery, a procedure that helped me get my life back. I was dealing with so much pain that I was seriously getting depressed.  I have to be honest and say that I didn’t do everything I was supposed to do on time. If I did, the whole ordeal, everything would be less traumatic.

What happened is that I hurt my shoulder 5 years ago, either in the gym or when I was carrying some heavy logs in my backyard. In any case, the sharp pain I felt lasted for one day and then it got dull. But since it stopped after two days, I didn’t pay attention to it, I thought I strained a muscle, a tendon or something like that. But the thing is, once your rotator cuff gets hurt, it can cause further problems. And this is what happened to me.

With time, the tear was getting bigger and bigger and I was starting to feel numb pain. Then the range of movement was reduced, I was unable to move my shoulder freely. And again, I thought this was something that will pass on its own. Just a short-term issue that will go away if I rest for a while and don’t put too much strain on the shoulder.

Alas, the things got worse and I had to visit the doctor. He directed me to orthopedic specialist. And from there, I got to a shoulder specialist, Benjamin DuBois, who told me I need surgery. And not just a simple one, I needed to have a shoulder replacement surgery. It was the only solution for me, therapy and meds couldn’t help me anymore. Orthopedic surgeon told me everything I needed to know about the procedure (you can check it out yourself – http://sandiegoshoulderdoc.com/orthopedic-specialties/shoulder-replacement-surgery.php) and of course I said yes. I was out of options.

Everything went fine and now I’m in the process of recovery. It hurts, but I’m seeing improvements. I have to do my exercises regularly and keep track of what I do and how I do it in order not to strain my shoulder. But I think everything will be just fine, in about 5 or 6 months. Now I have a completely different view about my body, I began to take care of myself better. No matter how tough you feel, even the slightest injury can cause havoc. You can strain your muscle, a joint or a tendon and have it cause additional problems, just like that. So take care of yourself people, warm up before you do any serious lifting or going to the gym. Trust me, you don’t want to consult with an orthopedist because you’ll have to think about some serious stuff and make some serious decisions. Shoulder replacement surgery is complicated and many things can go wrong. Luckily, I had a good surgeon and had some luck, so everything is going alright now.

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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

It’s not easy to choose a wedding photographer, actually most people get confused here. They want to find someone who can make great pictures, but they are not sure which qualities their photographer needs to have.

Since there are many different styles of photography, different personalities and types of films, it is difficult to choose the right option for your wedding. And since you truly want to have photos that will capture every single detail on your wedding day, you need find the best photographer in Los Angeles. But, how can you do this?

best wedding photographer


Portrait and photojournalistic are two styles that are usually used so you will need to choose the one that suits you best. Your taste will play the most important part here and you will be able to choose between casual and posed pictures based on what you prefer and what you feel comfortable with.

Now, choose a wedding photographer that use the approach you prefer. You want to have someone who feels comfortable and enjoys using the style of photography you prefer.


Since black and white photos are becoming more and more popular, you might want to consider this option. Your album will look more artistic and you can create fantastic prints as well. Make sure your photographer is comfortable with using black and white film. And when it comes to the speed of the film, you don’t need to worry about that.


You may not know this, but wedding photographers can be haughty and high strung. Well, this is the reputation they have, at least. So it’s best to meet a couple of photographers and talk to them, see what they are like, how they answer your questions and what kind of personality they have. Then choose the one you feel the most comfortable with. It guarantees that the photographer will invest himself 100% in your wedding and that you will have the best possible pictures made.


Look through the pictures that have been made as they will tell you a lot about the quality of work and what you can expect to get. Photographers put their best work in their portfolio so this is the quality and style you will be offered with as well.

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How To Save Money On Penny Auction Sites

I’ve heard about penny auction sites a long time ago, I just never bothered to check them out. I knew that it is possible to buy a new item for a fraction of its retail price, but it takes some skill and patience to win an auction, which is something I never had.

A couple of days ago, I talked with a person who regularly visits several of these penny auction sites and wins various items, from gadgets to home appliances. She said she saves a lot of money by winning at these auctions and that her budget is substantially bigger since she doesn’t have to spend money on various items she needs.
top penny auction site
When I asked her how much skill or knowledge one actually needs to win at an auction, she couldn’t actually give me any numbers or somehow scale the amount of knowledge required. But what I learned from her is that you need to visit the best penny auction sites only. Stay away from those that are new or don’t have a lot of visitors. I’m not saying these are scam sites, but they could be. She also said that it’s best to stick with a top penny auction site and stick with it as you will get a hang of how things work there and be able to develop your own strategy and win items.

If you don’t have time to do your own research, you can visit http://bestpennyauctionsite.net/ and see what sites are worth visiting and what other people say about them. I would say that this is the first step you need to make as you want to stick with good reputation sites only, and this is where bestpennyauctionsite.net comes in handy. You will learn about sites that will even return your bids or let you buy the item you bid on at the reduced price even if you lost the auction. Yeah, as you can see, there are many benefits here, you just need to choose the best sites and you can truly save a lot of money.

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Simple Tips That Can Help Tremendously When Taking in Foster Care Children

It takes a special type of person to choose to become a foster parent and take on the challenging, yet rewarding, responsibility of caring for a foster child. Even if you have kids of your own, it’s a completely different type of situation bringing someone new into your household and learning how to make them feel welcomed into the family. Below are a few words of advice for foster parents on how to offer foster care children a loving, healthy environment. Remembering these tips should help everyone make a smooth and pleasant transition.

Make Your Home a Safe Haven

One of the most important things that foster parents should keep in mind at all times is that a good number of the children in foster care are there because of some traumatic event that happened in their lives. This can make them feel insecure and afraid of a lot of people and of the world in general, so it’s critical to ensure that they are provided with a safe and stable home where they feel encouraged and can have the opportunity to thrive.

foster children

Know Your Role

Foster parents should never feel like they have to take the place of a foster child’s biological parents, nor should they try to. That’s a role that can’t ever be filled by someone else, however, fostering a child fulfills a different kind of need. No matter how long or short term a placement may be, foster parents have the chance to make a real difference in the lives of the children they open their homes to.

Don’t Treat Foster Children Any Different Than You Would Your Own

Foster children generally have a lot of mixed emotions about everything going on in their lives, and having to be shuffled from foster home to foster home only adds to an already daunting and complicated situation. It’s typical for a foster child to feel like an outsider whenever they’re placed somewhere new, and it’s up to the foster parents to do everything they can to be accepting, inclusive and treat them just as they would their own children, with the exception of being a little more sensitive to their feelings and understanding of their background.

Teach Independence

Many foster children don’t have other family members to lean on or anyone else in their lives that they can count on for support, and as they get older, it becomes more of a reality that it’s only a matter of time before they’ll be on their own. Because of this, it’s important for foster parents to help teach independence whenever and wherever it’s safe to do so and not be controlling over every aspect of their foster child’s life.

Be Comfortable Talking About Biological Parents

It might be uncomfortable talking about a foster child’s biological parents, especially if they come from particularly bad circumstances, but if they want to talk about them and ask questions, they should be made to feel that it’s always okay. Chatting about a foster care child’s birth family should come on their terms and be respectful, never showing judgement or contempt on a foster parent’s part.

Foster parenting does come with its challenges, but giving a foster care child the same love and protection that every child deserves to experience is more than worth it in the end.

Author Bio: Gina Ponce is a well-experienced nanny/babysitter and advocate for foster parenting. She understands the importance of making a difference in a child’s life by showing them love and community support. In her free time, she enjoys reading a good book, writing on a variety of topics and traveling the world.

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Water Crisis – A Global Endemic

global water crisis

The US doesn’t seem to have a bright future when we take consideration of its water requirements. By 2025, certain parts of the US are likely to face water shortages and most area are likely to face the same problem by the year 2050. Yet, we are more fortunate than other parts of this world. It is unfortunate that apart from lacking resources for potable water to keep their people hydrated, most countries of the third world are faced with the problem of handling and using contaminated water. Even some of the developed countries lack the required resources for providing their citizens with water having the expected level of purity. The data presented by World Health Organization indeed reveals shockingly picture of water shortage worldwide.

water crisis

Nearly twenty percent of world population inhabits areas lacking adequate quantity of water for masses. It is equally shocking to learn that nearly twenty-five percent of populations of developing countries lack the resources and infrastructure for diverting water to their people, resulting to shortages and making it vital for them to look for water bodies.

Worldwide, more than thirty percent people are deprived of sufficient access to water resources. This figure is likely to reach forty percent in the imminent future because of increased population leading to enhanced requirement of water for domestic and industrial uses. In their efforts to offset the problem, many in developing countries store water for domestic uses, but it gets contaminated due improper refrigeration. Often, contamination results to mosquito infestation, a known carrier of malaria and dengue fever etc.

Though certain areas have adequate supply of water, it is contaminated, causing many diseases. Ninety percent water offered to communities of developing countries is totally untreated. Seventy percent of industrial waste gets drained into water supply. Consequently, water gets polluted with lethal chemicals. In those countries farming is carried using poor quality of water, as a result of which farm output gets contaminated, resulting to polluted foodstuffs.

Water borne diseases constitute a major factor of diseases and resultant deaths. These diseases are responsible for causing death of twenty-five percent children worldwide. It amounts to almost 1.4 million children dying per year because of diarrheal problems like dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever plus many more water borne infections. It is not difficult to understand that the cause of eighty percent of illnesses in developing countries is poor quality of water and unhygienic conditions. Patients affected by water borne diseases draw fifty percent of global medical attention.

global water crisis

What can we do improve water situation worldwide? Well, it is too difficult to straightway help communities in getting healthy water. Yet, one could make donations to non-commercial organizations like World Health Organization and http://www.pciglobal.org/water-crisis/, which offer donations to different governments, prompting them to improve their systems and quality of water for supplying to their masses.

It is vital to bring awareness by educating people, particularly those of developing countries, as most of them are ignorant of the awful situation posed by water shortage and its contamination. Media has always been helpful in educating masses on different matters and can certainly be relied upon this time also. It is the need of the hour to educate communities to make the most optimum use of available life giving natural resources like water else be prepared to face very grim circumstances in the coming decades.

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Finding Coupons For Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical is one of the more popular options for prescription glasses, sunglasses or any other type of eyewear. The popularity that follows this brand keeps growing and it’s easy to understand why – they offer quality at very affordable price!
zenni optical coupon

Zenni makes it’s own frames and doesn’t hold any other brands. They sell their products online, meaning they do not have to pay for brick and mortar stores. Plus, they hardly do any advertising at all (they rely on word of mouth marketing) so they don’t have to charge their customers to cover for various expenses other brands do. Zenni Optical has moderately priced products and high quality. No wonder people are looking to buy from this brand.

I recently bought a frame from them and I got a good deal. I actually spent some time to find a coupon and get the best deal ever! You can find a lot of Zenni Optical deals here and save $10, $15 or more. You can buy two frames and get one for free – you won’t be able to find such a fantastic offer anywhere else! Of course, coupons expire so you want to make sure you get as many of them as you can to find one that will work for you. Zenni offers a lot of discounts so enter a few of the coupon codes to see which one saves you the most money. Of course, Free Delivery is a must!

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Improve Your Posture With Smart Back Brace

1. What gave you the idea to design a posture correcting device?
Well, I don’t like to admit it, but I do have problem with my posture. I don’t stand straight and I slouch my shoulders. To fix these issues I’ve tried using a clavicle support, that’s the type of posture correcting devices that pull shoulders back. This clavicle support worked well, but it was somewhat uncomfortable and I’ve noticed that it only worked for the first few minutes and after that my body would start to rely on the device to keep my shoulders back. I thought about how I can improve the functionality and came up with idea of SBB. Basically, it works the same as standard clavicle support, but it also knows then user starts to slack off and reminds him or her to pull shoulders back. Granted, that good posture is not only having your shoulders back, but also keeping your spine straight.

2. What are the biggest benefits to helping someone achieve correct posture?
The benefits are numerous – starting from healthier body and ending better image yourself. I believe that SBB will be the most beneficial to younger users. Medical science showed that it is much easier to correct posture at the younger age. Parents should take notice of their kids posture and, if necessary, should introduce corrective measures. Not only it will make kids healthier and reduce chances of spine injury, but also should improve the looks.

3. How have you gone about marketing your new device with Indiegogo at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/smart-back-brace-ssb-posture-correcting-device/x/9250570? What’s working for you?

It’s been a struggle. Before campaign was launched we’ve accumulated about 50 potential clients through personalized email and messaging. After launch we have notified about the campaign. Most of them have purchased perks – so, that worked well. However, it was not even close enough to what we need. I’ve also contacted and personally convinced several investors – they have put some significant amounts towards our goal. Yet still, it campaign is not going “viral”. Additionally, we are spending several thousand dollars towards various marketing strategies: advertising on Facebook, Google, Twitter, many different blogs and forums. We wish that we have done more “pre-launch” advertising, but we are tight on our schedule and need to finish this whole thing by Feb 1st, so we could move on with development plan as we’ve contacted with IDP (the company that does our design and prototyping)

4. How does this device compare to other methods for helping with back issues? Some examples I’m thinking would be massage therapy, chiropractor visits or inversion tables?

The SBB was not specifically designed to “fix back issues”, rather it was designed to improve posture. The correct posture in itself should help improve back issues. For example, if somebody is suffering from lower back pain, the SBB will not help with that. But if, in addition, this user is also suffering from bad posture (slouching shoulders forward), then wearing the SBB will improve posture and as the consequence it should improve lower back pain, but only marginally. As to how SBB compares to other posture correcting devices on the market please see this comparison table:


To see how SBB compares to other, “non-device” methods of correcting posture, one should think of how posture correcting works in general. What is bad posture? That is when user is NOT using his or her muscles to stand straight and keep shoulders back. Would massage therapy, chiropractor and inversion tables help to teach user’s muscles to stay proper? Unlikely. These methods will undoubtedly help with relaxing of the muscles. They will help with improving the range of muscle movement. But they will not actually teach user to have proper posture. To learn that, user will require some kind of constant reminder until the time when he subconsciously does it by himself.

5. What are your future plans for 2015 and beyond?

The 2015 will be a huge year for SBB. We plan to finish all major designs by Q2 and will be shipping SBB’s in July. Major development steps must be completed very fast, but I have been reassured by IDP that they can do it. Since they have 20 years of experience and about 200 similar projects completed – I have no doubt that SBB will be a reality in a short order.

You can find more information about Andy Goubarev and SBB at:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/smartbackbrace
FB: https://www.facebook.com/smartback.brace

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